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Doors & Windows

Wooden door and window designs are a hallmark of modern, luxurious homes, offices hotels & etc . These products not only gives an aesthetic look but also resilient to moisture and heat impact.

We offers best quality wooden doors and windows with a long lasting durability. Wooden doors and windows also require less maintenance as they do not pile up dirt easily.

Wooden Furniture

As a material, wood is generally available, is soft enough to easily work with, light enough to move, and sturdy enough to last.



The floor of a house is equally important as the roof of the house. The perk of wooden flooring is that its long lasting durability and easy maintenance.

Timber Cladding & Timber Decking

Timber cladding is an extremely versatile material, perfect for incorporating into building designs and creating striking façades. Sourced sustainably and lasting many years, timber cladding is an ideal material choice for many types of projects

Timber is the classic choice for outdoor decking. Despite material advancements in the decking market timber remains one of the most popular options. Timber offers a natural look and natural warmth that perhaps can’t be achieved by plastic or metal decking options.


Wood stairs have their own charm and luxury look to enhance the room with their look and scent! The curved and winded wood stairs are very aesthetic and charm ones eye. We offer customised and handcrafted staircases .


Mouldings gives your home a cultured look. Wood moulding are used on ceiling, flooring, walls, and doorways. The customers can choose their favourite from our moulding designs.